Computer Hardware Repair

Computer Hardware Repairs

1st Preferred Technologies has years of experience repairing all components of computer hardware. In many instances, your hardware may still be under warranty with the equipment manufacturer; however, if your computer is not covered, we will diagnose your computer problems and advise you as to whether or not you should repair or replace faulty components.

Our Winchester VA computer repair technicians will identify the faulty internal computer hardware, and order and install the necessary parts. Components that need to be replaced are often motherboards, laptop keyboards/screens, and hard drives. Once the cause of your computer problem is diagnosed, we will make the appropriate connections, uninstall the damaged component or legacy hardware and verify functionality with you. 

Some of the primary issues encountered by our customers are cracked screens, loss of power (or not powering on), and clicking or grinding from the hard drive. However, we also service keyboards, docking stations, computer speakers, displays, motherboards, networking hardware, and webcams.

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